The Comedogenic scale

Let’s talk about the comedogenic scale - which ranks ingredients based on their propensity to clog skin pores. comedogenic means that a given substance, when applied to the skin, will create a “comedone” in the pore. The scores ranges from 0 to 5 - 0 means it almost certainly won’t cause breakouts. 5 means it almost certainly will. For example, coconut oil an oil with a lot of different healthy properties is rated a 5 on the comedogenic scale. This is why “Natural” and “organic” do not mean “acne-safe.” Chantel Marie Skincare is held at a very high standard, formulated with the use of the comedogenic scale, which makes us unique and sets up apart from other companies. There are over 150 comedogenic ingredients. For people with acneic skin, it’s important to ensure that none of your products contain these ingredients. Feel 100% SAFE as you shop our line.

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