The 4 major causes of Aging:⁣ ⁣

1. Free Radicals ⁣ Free radicals are molecules with unpaired electrons. They are reactive and can attack collagen, elastin, lipids, and DNA. What happens when they cells are attacked? They become damaged or dysfunctional and skin ages. ⁣ •Recommended products - Our Vitamin C Serum and Sheer Moisture Sunscreen.⁣ ⁣

2. Inflammation⁣ Inflammation can be caused by a variety of stimulants: Sunlight, heat, cosmetic products, and diet. These stimulants trigger a chain of events called inflammation cascade. At the end of this cascade, a group of enzymes are released called MMP’s. These MMP’s chew up healthy tissue, which lead to a thinned dermis and skin ages. ⁣ •Recommended products - Our Retinol (MMP inhibitor) and Quench Healing Serum (Anti-inflammatory to suppress MMP)⁣ ⁣

3. Glycation ⁣(sugar) This happen when sugar attaches to collagen or elastin. When sugar and collagen link together the fibers become hard and rigid. This collagen is now ‘deformed’ and non-functional and becomes permanently damaged. Skin sags, wrinkles and looses firmness. ⁣ •Recommendations - Watch your sugar intake, Wear Chantel Marie Sheer Moisture Sunscreen (glycation can be catalyzed by heat), and apply Chantel Marie Vitamin C Serum daily. ⁣

4. Mitochondria ⁣ This structure generates energy. When free radicals attack the mitochondria they produce less energy. This means slower DNA repair. DNA that does not get repaired leads to skin aging. ⁣ •Recommended products - Niacinamide found in my Skin Renewal Serum. This is Vitamin B3 and it plays an essential role in ATP production (energy). I bet my acne clients are happy about this one!

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Chantel Marie